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since 1979

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Founded in 1979 from a brilliant entrepreneurial initiative by Luigi Russo, Elettrosud Srl stands out in the competitive scenario as a company specialized in the production of electrical wiring for cars, household appliances, telecommunications and electronics. 

The history of passion and the search for details is the characteristic that has always accompanied our group. It is a story that is not written only with numbers: it is a story that is lived in the daily relationship with customers, in a climate of esteem and trust that grows the more we work side by side.

The tenacious search for perfection, the ability to support and even anticipate customer’s needs, are expressed in the most modern technologies applied in all phases of the processes that generate our services. All this is measurable, visible, evident to all Elettrosud Srl customers, not only in the form of concrete objectivity, but also by the feeling of reliability, which we manage to demonstrate every day.

Our first task is to give security to the customer: from the small one, in all its dynamism and desire to be a protagonist, to the large global industrial group that seeks absolute answers. Elettrosud Srl, in the Gragnano plant, which represents the group’s headquarters, can boast specialized personnel and engineers with proven many years of experience in the manufacturing sector, and is certified ISO/TS 16949 for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment .

Since 2006, Elettrosud Srl has built a partnership, increasing its sales, with a new company, Elettrorom Automotive Systems Srl, located in Romania, controlled entirely by the ownership of Elettrosud and managed by Italian management.


Our mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every customer, based on our long experience. We constantly strive to create value and make the difference.

La storia della nostra azienda

The history of our company